The main way of improving memory very useful for the Hafiz If you try to memorize by writing, you’ll activate your limbs and your concentration will be way more focused So memory is more about effort than ability or skill There’s a saying that surprised me when I first heard it Zubeyra brother claims that slow and painful memorization is better than a quick and dirty one I noticed that those who memorize things very quickly can learn but won’t be able to practice these lessons in their everyday lives Let’s say there are a few sentences that you’re trying to memorize and you’re struggling…. If you spend a few days trying to memorize these sentences, you experience the meaning of these sentences in your everyday life and it becomes very meaningful/practical It’s not something that you’ve to memorize but now its something meaningful When you take your time during memorization, this makes it last for a long time Why are we trying to memorize things? Because we’re trying to gain knowledge and this method assures that you observe it Avoiding to look at haram things is the most crucial aspect of improving your memory… Haram results in forgetfulness, making it harder to memorize Whenever you look at haram, instead of being able to improve your memory… You’ll instead fill your mind with unworthy matters and store this useless information in your brain You have to get rid of “junk information” in order to improve your memory When you get rid of unnecessary people and information, you’ll be in a peace of mind (a state of isolation)… Just like the corona virus right? What’s self-isolation? When there’s nothing bothering you from the outside, you start paying attention to the inside Self-isolation is going back to your true nature, becoming one with yourself It’s the perfect moment now to start questioning yourself. It’s almost like a joke actually Gyms are closed, cafes and restaurants are closed, if there’s 50 people gathered, they’ll be beaten up because… It affects the whole world, why would you gather so many people and risk everyone? Everyone is in self-isolation. Grasp the universe and discover the reason why you’re sent to this universe and by whom you were sent. If you’ve been slaved by the information fed to you by other people… If you’re always chasing the latest topics and debates… It’ll be very hard to memorize because you won’t have a stable life and a stable mind They say: “Those who’re quick to love, will be quick to lose” But those people who’re not affected by current events: In order to protect the health of your mind, you can try to be a little lonely or be made lonely People may thing you’re weird but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! The truth seeking man will always be a little lonely They may also judge you from time to time but don’t worry Truth-seeking man is hardly understood by those around him Those which are spread across everywhere can’t be found anywhere… And those existing in a single central spot can be found everywhere We’re living in times where our concentrations are suffering Sometimes I talk about very crucial things such as the life in the grave… As soon as I come off the podium, still under the impression of such a topic, someone walks over to me… Asks me a question and before it can even be answered, takes out a phone and asks for a selfie together… So a single photo is more important than something as crucial as the life in the grave If these are our priorities, then our awareness and our concentration has been completely destroyed If we also talk about the food aspect Dried grapes, walnuts, celery… Foods like these are great for the memory Also in an hadith, it talks about black seeds, always deeply motivates me It says: “Black seeds are a cure for everything except for death” From what I can tell, Allah has implemented a great deal of benefit to black seeds and it involves what modern sciences calls “nanotechnology” I’ve been consuming it regularly for 4 to 5 years There’s nothing more that keeps the mind sharp as sleeping 4-5 hours a day and reading a lot early in the morning especially after fajr prayer I will stamp… how do they do that again? I will sign that statement with my thumbprint Read 2 pages after fajr prayer, you’ll remember it throughout the whole day But if you read something in the middle of the day where there’s much going on Before you observe it and truly grasp it, many things happen to you and you quickly forget it The phone rings, you remember to pay your bills, your friend comes over etc. but… Its not like that after fajr prayer The whole universe is quiet, you can make a connection with your creator one-on-one They say: -“If you spend the morning hours studying a certain field, you’ll become a noteworthy individual within that particular field” That’s what they say. If you want to get good at something, you gotta do it early in the morning The most important question to ask someone who has good memorization skills is: What is your purpose for this? What would happen if you were to memorize an encyclopedia for example? My computer can memorize it and without getting hungry, thirsty or complain like a kid… So the purpose behind memorization is “wisdom” If there’s no wisdom, too much memorization is like giving a weapon to a bandit The Quran calls it a donkey with books loaded on top of it… Traveling a lot in the ocean does not mean that you’ll reach the port Just because you can memorize a bunch of things does not mean you can practically use them We can’t see the stars at night in the middle of the city It’s not because there are no stars, its because there’s light pollution Sometimes we cant find the knowledge we need, its not because we don’t have it, it’s because of information pollution Trying to memorize useless information that you’ll never use is nothing but damaging to your memory and mind Concentration is a vital method in our mind’s construction Sometimes you read a very long passage and try to dissect the information You’re always constructing information in your mind but these are temporary things For example, trying to memorize a license plate of a car passing by… This damages the mind because when you’re trying to absorb important knowledge, this distracts your mind Or constantly scrolling on social media, there was 20 different pieces of knowledge inserted in 10 seconds We have temporary memory and before that we’ve sensory memory There are roughly 10 to 20 million different info entered into sensory memory While scrolling, you’re damaging the memory that you’ve constructed. That’s why reading short and temporary things is not good for your memory to say the least If we’re talking about memory, we’ve to talk about its exact opposite which is forgetfulness One of the factors that make you forget useful knowledge could be: Shaytan So we should do the opposite: We should repeat beneficial things in order to remember beneficial things Then we can create a counter mechanism to Shaytan/Devil’s tricks to make you forget useful knowledge What could be these beneficial things? Repeating Salawat! Always? Yes, always saying Salawat! If Shaytan/Devil is trying to make you forget something, then you can counter this by calling for beneficial things like Salawat!

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