Humanity was shedding tears of blood Newborn baby girls was buried under the saying “Let’s go to visit your uncle” There were lots of blood, hatred, Anger and lack of confidence. But this wouldn’t go on. The year 571, would exactly come one day. Our Prophet (pbuh) was born in Mecca without His dad in 571. His dad was Abdullah, and mum was Amina. Every kind of evil was around in the city Mecca in the years that he was born. In his childhood and youth years, he abstracted himself in such a bad atmosphere , and he was behaving different according to that period. There was a strangeness in his behaviours even before the prophecy came to him. People of Mecca,who never trust anyone, trusted him so much that they would entrust him their properties, their homes and even their wives and daughters. Because of that, they would call him as “Muhammad Al-Amin” He would keep the justice, be with the righteous people, and interrogate the belief of worshipping to effigies, moreover,contrary to other people, he would reject to worship them. And the expected time came. The year was 610. The first revelation came in the Hira mountain. And the order “READ!” (Iqra!) which most of us (unfortunately) don’t obey and recede because of not obeying came. He had no literacy. But He received something which would shut all the literate ones up. This message made happy the ones around Him. But it also made some notable ones angry. He started a movement which would make Him the best revolutionist ever. For the sake of His matter, He was patient when some rumen was spilled to His noble head and when He was thrown stones at. In spite of this, He said “Ya Rabbi! If they had known (the truth),they wouldn’t have done this.” He was shouting “La ilaha ilallah,Muhammadun Rasool’allah!” with His companions in the streets of Mecca. In a case that even the trick of the most talented illusionist’s trick was easily refuted, He,conrtary to this case, watered to a giant army with the water coming from His fingers, splitted the moon into two pieces, gave info about our century and today’s science, and even 1 person could not say “He’s a liar!” Even if when they tried to call Him a liar, they were disgraced like Musayyamat Al-Kazzab who tried to imitate Surah Al Qaria by saying: “The elephant? What’s that elephant? And how can you know what the elephant is? It’s the elephant whose trunk is really long.” In a condition that a sultan who had a giant military power couldn’t achive to make his people leave a little habit like smoking in Ottoman period; He (pbuh) achieved to make His stubborn people leave their disgusting habits that they couldn’t leave for years in such a short period like 20 years. He built a decent society to be taken model from an immoral society. He gave satisfying answers to all questions like “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going to?” which philosophers had been asking for years with a Qur’an-based-perspective. He finished the racism problem 1400 years ago which today’s Europe makes it seem to be solved but still can’t solve by saying ” Neither is there any superiority of black person to white one nor white one to black one. By saying this, He proved that Qur’an is universal. In such a period that many psychologists can’t find a solution for suicide rates, psychological disorders, social depression even though today’s medicine’s great progress; 1400 years ago, He heralded us that there’s a place called ‘akhirah’ where we will live forever with our mum,dad and loved ones. Shortly, if Muhammad (pbuh)’s prophethood’s light leaves the universe, the universe will die. Ya Rasulallah! What would we do if you wouldn’ be there? Peace be upon Your light which keeps alive the universe.

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