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Can an Aquarius marry a Leo? Should a rising Scorpio bear children? Will Pisces lay eggs this year? Libra is out of balance again. Before the blind calf walks lame, will ears of corn yield Virgo? Nice intro. 🙂 Is sheep a zodiac sign, you horse head? Your sign is Horse, do you hear me? Coming up… Yavuz… Should I text “Coming Up” there? Make something up for that, man. What are you even here for? Coming up…Very soon… TITLE:All You Need To Know About Zodiac Signs… Hayalhanem Presents… Translated by: Nizzy Signs take a huge place in our lives. For example, in texting, in newspapers, …in social media where you expect what kind of favors to get in there. Even in marriage about which… people used to have worries -replaced lately by zodiac signs-, ,like, is his sign compatible with mine or not? People tend to believe such stuff. Before I elaborate on the topic, …we all need to know about the verse 90 in Surat al Maidah: O all believers! indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are… …but defilement from the work of Satan. so avoid them all that you may be successful. We all know that Allah has binded every effect to its cause, the movements of stars and planets alike do mean something, too. But what they initially mean is … …that all these magnificent beings out there in the entire universe are sublime works of art of a Creator. However, while we refer all these to a Creator, some people may end up with worshipping those stars and constellations… …and the movements of the Sun and the Moon due to excess interpretations, unfortunately. Even if they start with good intentions, we hear them say “We just gathered together for alittle chitchat about them, that’s all”, they somehow wind up creditting godhead to them, without even realizing. Don’t Satan’s tricks make their way like that, do they? “Without even realizing.” Some people claim they can list the characteristics of your life according to your birthday and birth hour. To tell you the truth, due to man’s sense of wonder, they can even make a great deal of money with that, too. In order to base their claims on sound footing, they say the constellation in which the Sun dwells as well as other constellations… some lights emitted from relevant stars according to the position of the planets affect us, …and shape our characteristics. Believe me they have really interesting approaches to their claims, too. For instance, Capricorns are as stubborn as goats, Cancers walk sideways like real crabs, and so on. They just keep claiming. Even you can see these claims on any astronomy book like a common source database. If those starlights really affect us, each and every one of us needs to have common traits of the Sun, which is the closest star to us. To better understand, let’s scale the distance between the Earth and the Sun to 30 cm, the second closest star Proxima Centauri will be in New York. Get the gist? There is a star very close to you, it won’t affect you anyway, but the one in New York will. So if these starlights do really affect us, we are all supposed to have the Sun’s common traits, aren’t we? What’s more, the twelve… (giggles) What’s your sign? It’s Aquarius. Aquarius, huh? What is more, the stars that constitute the 12 constellations are much further than those planets I have just mentioned. Your rising is Tantuni, Ömer. While the closest star named Proxima Centauri is 4 light years away. Alpha which is the closer member of Virgo is … 281 light years away. See the figures for yourselves. Remember I placed the Sun 30 cm away from me, and Proxima was in New York, Alpha is 70 times much further away. What is more ridiculous, some stars constituting some other constellations… …are millions and millions light years away. I mean, ignore the Sun… and believe those stars affect us deeply. For example, I am an Aquarius. When I was a kid, I happened to meet this trait of Aquarius. At home, my mom always got me to clean…the aquarium. Aquarius traits… Being an aquarius, i had to clean the aquarium. the closer two members of Aquarius, namely Alpha and Beta, the former is 1359 lights years away, the latter is 2174 light years away from us. Just grab a calculator and do the maths. In order to make this example clearer, -remember the scaled distance between the Sun and the Earth, and Proxima sits in New York, now you need to put those two stars even beyond the Moon. Even if scaled down. In fact, there is a method to determine people’s signs: The constellation through which the Sun passes the day you were born… is your zodiac constellation, more precisely your zodiac sign. For example, on the first half of November every year, The Sun dwells in Scorpio constellation. Those who are born into these days belong to Scorpio sign. Therefore, those people bear the characteristics of … …that constellation and the lights reflected from it. How credible! In fact, people made a huge mistake in determining those signs, though. They ignored the spinning movement of the Earth in every 26000 years. That movement cause the positions of constellations to shift some degrees in every 2300 years. To illustrate, a person born into January 1, 2000, belongs to Capricorn, while a person born into January 1, 300 BC belonged to Aquarius. I mean, if you try to determine your sign based on these data, all past signs would turn out to be faulty. Consequently, our efforts to search for impacts other than Allah, stems from our false deductions. And some guys can make huge money with this. Please be noted that only Allah knows the future… that’s why it is wrong to attribute human traits and characteristics to stars. It is impossible to find two people whose characteristics are all the same. While even twins born on the same day and the same hour can have different characteristics, to believe in a claim such as “All Aquarius guys have the same traits” is a little naivete. And speaking of characteristics, don’t forget this fact: Our souls have been created much earlier than stars. The mesmerizing order in the universe prove a creator, yes, it might mean something else. But it cannot be the source of our material and spiritual traits, …but its indicator. What do you mean by but its indicator? How do I put it? For example, horoscope. But never in my life have I met those enlightened guys who could interpret it. I don’t mean those looters, by the way. Such people might exist. That they might really foretell some facts over and over again might really mean something. Let’s take an engineman for example. He can detect breakdowns just by listening to the sound of an engine. How interesting, isn’t it? Or let’s take a doctor another example, He says “Cough!” and then has the patient to have an X-ray for his lungs… …you may have some probable health issues. Such top notches do exist. For example, in physiotherapy and rehab, Med students call this magic. I don’t know what they call this in medicine. After a doctor touches a patient’s head like this, he can detect herniated disc. Such doctors do exist but very few. Here is the big question: Looking at the arrangement of the stars, …how many people can really infer their possible indicative impacts on us? Very few. Figuratively speaking, I don’t know the exact number, there are 5 of them in Turkey. But there are 5 millions of coffee fortunetelling houses in Turkey. So there are lots of naive people, too. Contrary to getting some meanings out of cofee fortunetelling, there are some hadiths that suggest avoiding it. Prophet Mohammad pbuh said: If a person applies to a soothsayer and confirms what he says about his future, he/she denies what Allah has revealed on His Prophet. Just by seeing this hadith, -ps. some pheneomena might affect your mood… e.g. overcast weather smother you… or sunny weather make you smile and so on. Stars may affect your mood. But they can never affect your future. Allah says in verse 61 in Surat-al Furqan: Blessed is He who has placed in the sky great stars and placed therein a [burning] lamp and luminous moon. When you take a closer look, you can derive some indicative meanings. But let me remind you again: If people claim that constellations create their happiness and peace of mind, they may end up with abandoning their religion. Because, just so you know, my friend, no one but Allah can create them. Like the way Allah gave heat to the Sun and cold to ice as a trait, constellations may have fine impacts on our mood. But please don’t confuse these impacts with the ones… …you hear from those soothsayers or fortunetellers. It is like the way the Sun’s rays impact on the growth of apples or pears, they may have such impacts in terms of change of moods. …but not on your future or fate. Ever. Let alone these, you try to get marriage out of it. I am a Taurus. She is a Leo. How will we get along? He has horns. I am ill-tempered. How can we ever..? Please stop it. Think of a machine in which you enter your birthday. Then a screen pops us saying: Everything will be lovely in your life next week. My friend! Even if you encounter tons of bad incidents next week, at least one good thing will eventually occur. Islam won’t allow such prophesying… …especially fooling people by entering people’s common traits. Not a chance. Do you wish for a fit partner? Instead of abiding by a never-setting sun like Prophet Mohammad pbuh… it is no good to ask for guidance from zodiac signs, my friend. Altyazıların devamı gelecek inşallah…

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