The world is facing one of the biggest health threats in recent years The Corona virus which started in the city of Wuhan in China is quickly spreading to Europe The number of those who died has increased to 132 as of January 29th Reports suggest that there are 6000 people infected The virus has been seen in 16 countries including China Besides China, it’s been know to spread to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, United States, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan It has been discovered in December 2019 with the name nCOV. It’s not as powerful as the acute respiratory infection SARS that was discovered in 2003 but… It’s suggested to be spreading faster It was reported that out of 8098 infected with SARS, 774 of them had died In another virus that outbroke in 2012, MERS, 858 people lost their lives A Chinese virologist suggested that the new Corona Virus could be 10 times bigger than the SARS outbreak Health professionals are extremely worried because the infection spreads rapidly After they enter the body, viruses try to take over the body’s own cells because viruses need the proteins/DNA present in our own cells They’ll try to invade the cell and make its own copies These copies are called replicates This way, they will spread rather quickly. The body’s own defense system will try to prevent this from happening The body will recognize the virus and produce certain chemicals to fight against the infection This will cause fever, headaches and the person will feel ill Chinese officials begun the construction of a new hospital for the treatment of Corona. They claim the building will be complete in 6 days Virus started spreading in Wuhan city of Hubei province On December 31st, the city’s health council closed down the seafood market in Huanan after 26 people were infected in the market Once the virus started spreading rapidly, the city of Wuhan was placed under quarantine Some images from the city of Wuhan Health professionals are waiting to measure the temperatures of those trying to enter the Subway They also started constructing another hospital that can house 1000 people for the treatment of the virus An ER unit in Zhongnan hospital As the quarantine increases, workers check for the citizens on public highway checkpoints A shopping center in Wuhan where masks have become part of everyday outfits Workers who are checking peoples temperatures in the airport One of those stations that was left abandoned Some Chinese factory workers making some masks in Handan city It’s been known that animals such as rats, snakes, baby wolves, foxes are sold in these markets in Wuhan It’s very likely that the virus began spreading following the consumption or contact of such animals Thousands of people in hundreds of cities are under quarantine and there are Turkish citizens there as well Turkey started operation “Big Joseph” to bring home the 35 Turkish and 10 Azerbaijani citizens These Turkish citizens will be brought home and placed in quarantine for 14 days and will be treated after all of the measurements are taken Chinese officials have also taken measures to close down most business to slow the spread China asked Tesla to shut down their facility in Shanghai temporarily Tesla complied and stopped production Tesla is not the only company affected by the Corona virus Google just announced that they’ve shutdown all of their offices temporarily Apple and Facebook restricted their worker’s travels to China Thousands of theaters have been closed and all of the films were delayed until further notice World Health Organization is planning an urgent meeting in Geneva Switzerland to announce a major crisis With all of these unusual events taking place, even a more interesting proposition has been made An ex-Israeli officer and an intelligence expert, Dany Shoham, made a very controversial statement Shoham said: “This animal-based virus could’ve been made in the laboratory for a very secret biological warfare project located in Wuhan” This lab is in Wuhan Institute of Virology It’s not yet possible to say whether the institute had anything to do with the Corona Virus That’s why the experts are not using a clear language on the topic since a lot is still unknown But the reported seafood market is only 32 kilometers away from the institute and this has left many question marks in people’s minds The measurements taken after the outbreak sound very similar to us They’re identical to the restrictions that the Chinese have placed on Uyghur Turks For example, the quarantine: It means to stop people from entering and exiting a place It’s just like the quarantine in East Turkistan where people are not allowed to leave and are in concentration camps People were banned from walking in the streets to stop the virus from spreading Unfortunately, this is very common in East Turkistan since 2009 Places of worship, hospitals, schools and almost any building you can imagine are completely closed In short, China is suffering the exact tortures that they placed upon the Uyghurs and their economy may crash if this continues for long On the Scale of Justice: we saw the result of mass killing of camels in Australia and today we see the events in China and as Muslims we pray! We pray because as Muslims, we can’t be tyrants to those tyrants Our prayers must have been heard because the Chinese President Xi has asked for Muslims to pray We already pray everyday but let’s pray again: May God help our Uyghur brothers in East Turkistan and may God wake up those Chinese tyrants who daily torture them! Amin…

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