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One year ago, one of the most famous atheist person of Turkey… …a proffesor. This Proffesor denies the Qur’an He says; “the science is against the Qur’an.” And as a proof, he shows the geology science as an answer i wanted to listen the science by the way i’m also geological engineer I’ve been educated with that kind of proffesors lots of time but when we don’t focus on the proffesors and get focus on the science how do we find the reality, the true way? We made an experiment about it In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful (Bismillahirrahmanirrahim) In Kastamonu some of the high school students came to me some of the high school students came to me They said; “introduce us our Creator” Our teachers don’t talk… …about the Allah to us Actually this is the problem of most of us in the past, now or in the future, its been always like this. The teachers that we have now… …they don’t introduce our Allah to us too much Look, this so important. They say; “They don’t introduce our Creator… … introduce us our Creator” Actually the real purpose of coming to the earth is “getting to know our Creator” When this is the situation,… …one year ago, one of the most famous atheist person of Turkey… …a proffesor. This Proffesor denies the Qur’an He says; “the science is against the Qur’an.” And as a proof, he shows the geology science The thing that he said is; In the Surah Nahl 16:15 “And He has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it shift with you, and [made] rivers and roads, that you may be guided,” So it says; to block the jolts… …mountains have property of protecting, right? Now.. He is adding an interpratation and he shows his comments as the reality so we can say that; he is trying to fool us i mean, he’s trying to deny Qur’an with his own comments How can we solve this? How can be the solution? Look, what Master says; “All the sciences you study… …continuously speak of God and make known the Creator… each with its own particular tongue…” (So with its own language) So actually, the science that we read introduce the Creator. “…Do not listen to your teachers; listen to them.” that means, we have to focus on the science not to the teachers and now as an answer i wanted to listen the science by the way i’m also geological engineer I’ve been educated with that kind of proffesors lots of time but when we don’t focus on the proffesors and get focus to the science how do we find the reality, the true way. We made an experiment about it We made an experiment about it, let’s see it yeah, before our experiment we have to know our world a little bit The outermost layer of our world is called the lithosphere. so, outer shell. Firstly, there is the thinnest lithosphere layer under the ocean… … the shell part. This is almost 8-10 km thick. In the land, its 35-40 km … … and also even in the mountains (just think like we made a mountain here) On our experiment , laundry thread will represent the thin layer and this rope will represent the mountains that make up the big mass. Actually we’re going to do a small physics experiment In this way we’ll be able to solve geophysics under the influence of a certain force I will apply a force here with my arm. and the energy which made up by this force how does it show impact to the thin rope? Let’s take a look How does it show impact on the thin layer and thick layer? We’ll talk about these. under the influence of a certain force with a certain energy a wave which goes in a certain direction when it comes across to a big mass it dissipates its energy into this mass… …and weakens and goes out. Let’s see now, if it’s goes out or not I’m applying the force from here, there goes an energy just like the wave in the see, right? So, the shaking which made up by the earthquakes are just like this Just like the wave i made up… ….and as a represent… … if we can say that the shaking that my arm made is the earthquake… …as you can see as a result of the transmission of the created energy… …the vibration is damped… …when it comes to the mountains. In the mountains, they have prevention effect of the earthquakes i mean the shakings So, our physics experiment says that Let’s see how the Qur’an explained this In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful (Bismillahirrahmanirrahim) “And He has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it shift with you, and [made] rivers and roads, that you may be guided,” Anti-shaking effect is mentioned in the Qur’an So, as the Qur’an has nothing contradicting science… … it’s also a miracle of the Qur’an 1400 years ago when it’s a period that geology science didn’t develop yet and… …in a time when the searchers and knowledges are not intense Surah Nahl 16:15 explains the reliability of the mountains against jolts. Now, we’re going back to Sinan Yeah, first of all we understand it a little bit now … …we shouldn’t mix the science and the comments And also we learnt that science introduce us Allah Actually, we can think this universe, earth like a book For example the medical science wrote lots of books about… …the humanity until today Actually this is the book of the universe I mean there are lots of information in your body And you didn’t create these informations on your own This is actually a proof which shows the Creator So when you search the medical science with your own wisdom Actually you are getting to know the Allah Master says: Through the science we are getting to know the Allah Let’s take a look what did master give as an scientific example; “For example a well-equipped pharmacy….” Now we’ll think about a pharmacy… … and talk about the pills that has in it… that the pills get formed through the chemical experiments “For example a well-equipped pharmacy with life-givin potions and cures in every jar… …weighed out in precise and wondrous measures doubtless….” So when a medicine gets form, two pinches are taken from it, three pinches are from that. We need a very precision scales to get form the consistency … …like 2 mg, maybe for 0,001 mg, am i right? Just to make the pills useful If you can’t do the precise measurement… …you may make suicide drug instead of the headache pill You may make a… …poison that can kill you. Or maybe you wanted to make a pill which… …may be usefull for your cold, you may poison yourself So the amount is very important for it and the heat of the amount is also very important… …. e.g. t is also very important to be exposed to heat. Let’s continue; “For example a well-equipped pharmacy with life-givin potions and … …cures in every jar weighed out in precise and wondrous measures doubtless shows… …an extremely skilful, practised, and wise pharmacist…” Now Master talked about here; … …how difficult to make a medicine but we can’t understand it if we don’t involve in it for example, brother Turgay when somebody see you with their own perspective they may say ;… “how easy his job, he’s just repairing Tv and computers etc.” right? but if he works with you as your pupil… …, you’ll probably be angry with him, beause of he’ll do lots of mistakes Then he will understand how precious is that job Now, we tried to do a soup like a pharmacist… …to make it a healing soup. We want to show you our experiment… we called it “Curative soup”. Let’s see it, what will it be ‘cure or poison’? Yeah, now we are going to try to make… … a panacea soup We took our usefull ingredients i’m also a little bit flu i will try to make healing soup Firstly, we’re going to start with the whipped cream yeah i’m aware that it’s a little bit strange we are starting with the whipped cream yeah after our whipped cream, let’s continue with tomato paste we are putting everthing to much to make it more healing To make it panacea, there must be linden 🙂 we’ll add our linden. I made it wait in the water to make… … appear its exact vitamins and minerals I’m also pouring it now we’ll add a little bit protein also, as the protein i found sausage If there’s no protein, it may not be the consistence that we wanted that’ why sausage is important In the history of kitchen, this could be the only one soup like this the unique flavor which made by the scientist from Urfa (he’s kidding) ;… …isot and chilli pepper at the same time… … but this is atom isot, they say this is very usefull for lots of things… …but i did’nt search yet… …but i will search it has lots of benefit and also there is isot with it So because of those two things are very healthy we will use them too much The consistency is super İdris, you could want it to eat, if you were the one who watch Lemon salt, there are lots of uncountable benefits of lemon salt It’s good for tartar, it has benefit for hair Lemon salt cleans the bowel , the kidney and the liver please, get your attention on it because of it’s panacea, we’re adding it also yes! we added it too let’s continue to stir it pickle as you know, we love it so much Now, i think we have some deficiency on the protein part We’ll complete the protein part with the eggs We’re stirring We’ll add Omega-3. It started to boil a little bit That’s why, i need to hurry up a little bit more We’re stirring it also Yes, we added our ingredients … …which is usefull for lots of things. There is nothing left… …to add more Yes, after a little bit cooking… …we’ll invite one of our firends to taste it It should be one of our friends who is hungry for 3 days… … so that he can eat this First, we’ll ask him; what kind of problem that he has? Whatever problem he has, inshallah it will be the cure for him Because as you see, we add everthing Vedat, we have to do something immediately, can you come? Who? Me? Yes We want you to taste something. It’s just a little bit hot, wait for it to be cold Is it chilli pepper? We made food bud, just try it Are you sure? Try, try! You didnt explode anything, did you? Buddy, we did’nt explode anything How is it like? It’s like a kind of sause just keep to eat it I’m scared to continue. It’s taste like hot Eat, eat bro! You will see what’s inside it when you watch the video By the way our experiment doesn’t finish here Continue By the way do you have any problem like disease or anything? Rheumatism You have rheumatism. InshaAllah you will find the cure because we added lots of things. My tongue burned a little bit. Actually, our panacea soup experiment didn’t finish yet Will Vedat die or not until the conversation that we have tomorrow? This is also a question Now, let’s go to the second part Let’s take a look, how do the foods get prepare in the nature? Now, we are here by the kumquat tree, so tiny orange Let’s see what explains it? This tiny orange appears in the winter season and gets well for our cold. It’s balance our body wtih its C vitamin It gives us energy. Just think about it, the photosynthesis of this leaf and… …the energy of the sun stored as nutrients and … comes to our table So, the energy that we spend with our arm, it’s actually the energy of the sun This energy of the sun gets into the shape of orange And actually the things that we eat and called proteins… …food of animal origin products such as milk and meat Actually they’re coming out as result of the photosynthesis When we look at the basic… …the foods that we eat as proteins and fat… …gets energy through photosynthesis it’s actually sun’s energy The food that beneficial that much and its packing is organic Even if i eat it with its packing It’s too delicious. So if we say this tree made this food i mean “this event of photosynthesis” this tree made this Don’t we have to we claim to… …it’s a very good chemist, pharmacist and a cook? Let’s give the same products to a scientist They still don’t know the exact formula Just think like the number of Pi, they still search about it The formula of photosynthesis is couldn’t find yet But they know some basic substance Now, if we say; this tree made this tiny orange if we have to say to this tree… …it’s a very good chemist, pharmacist and a cook? Isn’t it clear to see, it has made by a wise Creator who has… …force, infinite knowledge and willpower It cooked well. If we cook our soup a little bir more… …it’ll probably burn right? Instead of giving the cure, good taste it can be poison We had an opportunity to get poisoned from it that’s why we did’nt eat too much Therefore it can be only a very strong Creator to do this tree. And we’re calling Him “Allah (jalla jalaaluhu)” Now, i told lots of things until this time It’s time for you to talk Sinan. I explained all the events On this rainy day i explained everything. Talk little bit more… …Look, this is a conversation, talk with the people, read the book, do somethings! Okay? C’mon continue! I also got a scolding from myself. Let’s continue! “For example a well-equipped pharmacy with life-givin potions… …and cures in every jar weighed out in precise and …wondrous measures doubtless shows an extremely skilful, practised, and wise pharmacist. In the same way, to the extent that it is bigger … …and more perfect and better stocked than the pharmacy in the market-place, …the pharmacy of the globe of the earth with its living potions and medicaments… … in the jars which are the four hundred thousand species of plants and animals…” Brother, am i right? We just talked about here a small kumquat tree i mean, a tiny orange tree There are thousands of thousands plants like this, right? And as we know, they all have cures… …and benefits to our body. According to the plants… …that we don’t know, have cures to our body This shows only who knows everything… … and has infinite power, right? Actually the tree introduces us… … the names and the adjectives of Allah Or an atom in the air, actually the all sciences introduce us Allah “… and makes known to eyes that are blind even… … -by means of the measure or scale of the science of medicine… …that you study -the All- Wise One of Glory,… …Who is the Pharmacist of the mighty… pharmacy of the earth.” Actually in a form that even a blind eye can see it Photosynthesis also has a property like it’s residuum Brother, e.g. i built a fabric for you, what does do this fabric these residuums? It tries to destroy them in the nature Am i right? The residuum of the photosynthesis is oxygen so, it’s breath. Look brother, you may live… … without food for 1-2 weeks or maybe for 2-3 months You can live for a long time without food, without that orange But without oxygen, you can’t live even for 5 minutes Look at that residuums that it gives. Look at the balance of this reaction If we work in the fabric, for example my father is woodsman We are trying to destroy or sale the residuums It’s an extra work for us to clean it or throw out even though it’s a natural residuum, sawdust Actually when we contemplate the Qur’an, also its the method of the Qur’an, right? It says; “Don’t you ever think, ever mind?” So, It wants us to think but you know what are we doing intead of to think? Let someone tell and we believe them. I think even for this conversation, you should search it Because the science appears with the knowledge of the people I mean, we have to look at the complete knowledge not to what someone said We have to focus on the knowledge Okay bro, recently all the people and the scientists… …are trying to find a proof to make them believe… …when you said something More precisely, there was such a person in my last interview. He says; “why isn’t it that much clear to see? … …Why isn’t there a clear proof?” For example show me an Ayah (verse) from the Qur’an Akif They say “No matter where i speak about it, there must be a proof about it… … Qur’an has to make everyone silence, make no one to talk anymore, make no one to can assign a theory… through this everyone has to accept Allah’s existence unity” “Why there is no any proof like that?” he says. But actually there are examples like that The example that we just talked about, isn’t it very clear? Actually it’s a tree that we see everyday. We made proof with the tree. Actually it’s a miracle. We should see this miracle… …through contemplating and thinking. But there is still an answer… …to give an explaination to the people who say; “Why isn’t it clear more? Why can’t it be more clear?… …Why there is no proof such as… make them have to believe?” We’re going to explain these questions now “Since the Qur’an was revealed in this… …abode of examination… (so, the world of trial) … …for man to be perfected… ( so, for the people to mature)… …through trial in the arena of competition, … So, we’re here for an exam. What if there is only one question in the exam and the teacher gives the answer of the question Then what’s the meaning of the exam?? All the students in the classroom passed it. “…it will surely only allude to the hidden events of the future pertaining to this world which everyone will see, and will only open the door to the reason to a degree that proves its argument.” Look, the proofs in the Qur’an opens the doors of your mind but… …It doesn’t take your will. For example in the Surah Adh-Dhariyat 51:47 It says: “And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.” and this is a sign. It said in the meaning of sign In Qur’an you can’t find anything that accepted by the science like … “The universe created with the big bang … and the space continues to expand” You can’t find any article like that in Qur’an, you can only see in the meaning of sign because it’ll open the doors of your mind. Does it show to you the proofs? You can’t know. Because… it’ll open the doors of your mind. The information that the people have no idea about it… This information (the theory of big bang, the theory of the expanding of the world, universe) appeared in the years of 1950s But Qur’an says it 1400 years ago from the unknown At that time there was no information like that, Qur’an says it from the unknown And an information like this from the unknown is a miracle, right? It’s a very good and clear proof. But there is always… … an open door who wants to deny it. The person who wants to deny it, he will probably find excuses and will deny it anyway Sometimes you don’t even need any proof Sometimes you’re getting into a conversation and try to explain to him you’re presenting some proofs. And he says “maybe we came out from the pasta” He doesn’t even need to your proofs He says “i don’t want to believe” So Master says; “shows and makes known to eyes that are blind” People say; “Nobody is blind as much as who doesn’t want to see” It’s exactly the same situation The Nur students in Ankara of Master Bediuzzaman Said Nursi writes a letter to him “Although The Nur fixes the darkness,… …it still needs eyes to see it and… …mind to understand” because … nobody is blind as much as who doesn’t want to see. So, inshaAllah may Allah open the door of our mind and the door of our eyes and introduce him to us For Allah’s sake Al-Fatiha

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