Dirilişteki Papazla Röportaj Yaptık (Kendine Güvenen Soruya Cevap Versin)-Röportaj


Mum…just wait, we’re doing an interview. Come on brother…. proud to say that: Bursa, Bursa, Bursa. What’s the topic about? We want to talk about God (Allah) if you want to my dear brother. -I ermm…which channel?? +Oh, it’ll be on youtube in the internet, if you agree with it. +Do i look like a dealer or do i have that look or potential? No brother 😀 -But which channel is it? +It’s called Hayalhanem and it will be on Youtube not on TV. It won’t be on TV? No, it’s just on Youtube. Don’t make me mad asking me this kind of questions!!! It’s a channel on Youtube in the internet +Now can we go on to our questions? – Which questions? + I’ll ask you a few if you agree. -Ok go on. Noooo…just noo. You are asking the questions and also giving the answers? So you are muslim right? I’m the priest from “Diriliş”. Don’t forget to like and share this video. Thank’s for whatching. +What’s your name brother?- Ahmet. Murat. Hasan. Şener Çelebi. Abdullah. Emre. What’s your name? My name is Ali Osman brother. From which city do you come from Hasan? Bursa. I’m proud to say that: from Bursa, Bursa, Bursa. I’m the kid from Ankara and I’m fighting everywhere man. You are from Bursa, okay. 😀 I’m not originally from Istanbul, but let’s say I’m local. -I’m from Ankara. +Do you study here in Istanbul? -Yes. Which part? Music. Oh I thought you said physics. Yes you look like a music teacher 😀 What are you doing? Are you working or studying? No brother I’m an actor. Really? Wow, cool. In which series do you play? I played in “Söz” a few times as “Emre the dealer”. I’m taking bali (drugs) +Dealer? -3-4 times I played as a guest actor. +Cool. I’m asking you a question uncle Şener: you are muslim, right? I’m a priester in the movie “Diriliş Ertuğrul”. +Oh you are playing there? -Yes. In the serie “Payitaht Abdülhamid” I played as a chief rabbinate. The same thing like a priester right? They are the priesters from the Jews, I didn’t know before. I play the role that I got to play. But you as a person are muslim right? Yes. Ali Osman, does Allah (god) have a mind? Astağfirullah brother don’t make me angry with this questions!!! Allah Allah. Why not, don’t you know the answer? How don’t I you know? I do know. Okay then give me the answer: does He (God) have a mind or not? Yes Astağfirullah of course Allah doesn’t have a mind. So you say that Allah doesn’t have a mind?? No…ermm…no he has but… Does Allah have a mind? My god… …is out of place and we know as much about him as much he allows us to know. I can’t know the answer of this kind of questions, if Allah has a mind or not. hehehehe Don’t you know this uncle? No I can’t know. Do humans have a mind? Erm….that’s a different question… I say about Him (God) that it’s not worth it to think or research about Him. I don’t care. Because I asked my religious teacher in the middle school. Now you asked me a question and I don’t know how to answer. Sure He has a mind, but far away out of our imagination. Allah does have a mind and he also has an attribute about the mind. He (God) is endless and it contains in his 99 attributes. Does Allah have a mind? This is a strange question and has no answer. He (God) doesn’t have concrete a mind like a human being, but I think we can entitle it as a willpower. He (god) knows everything, but you can use the expression “mind” not for God. Bc the mind has a limit, but let’s say that God (Allah) has a willpower. By saying that Allah has a mind you say indirectly that Allah is helpless and doesn’t know sth and has to learn it by His mind. I think that we are the ones who are helpless by asking this kind of questions. Let’s go, let’s go!!! Hey what happened dude? Look what kind of function has the mind? You need it to lern sth., right? We need it to eat sth to feed ourselves…for stuffs like this we need it. And also on the other hand to learn sth. that we don’t know, right? Noooo…noo…brother you are the one who is asking and also giving the answer to the question. I’M DONE! 😀 +We can’t see Allah with our eyes, right? If you ask why, it’s bc the eye has a limit how far we can see. -In our religion there isn’t “Why?” and “What for?” +No you can and have to ask about it there is no problem. Bc if you don’t ask yourself this questions, then you can’t get to know God (Allah). +You asked a question. No, just bc I know the answers to this questions I don’t ask “Why?” and “What for?”. But for them who don’t know they have to open and read the book (the holy Koran). Allah hasn’t a mind, bc Allah doesn’t need a mind. +For example: Allah sees everything, doesn’t He? -I belive in that too, yes. +He (Allah) sees it right? But he doesn’t need an eye to see. Allah hears everything, but he doesn’t need an ear to hear. The same thing with the mind: our mind was given to us to leran sth. We don’t know anything, don’t know how to write, but learn it with our mind. But bc Allah doesn’t need to learn sth, He even knows everything. Therefore He doesn’t need a mind like we as human beings do. +Did you get it? -Yes. I know that you aren’t in an atheist opinion by asking me this question. I wanna say to the viewers: The life is too short, may Allah die with Iman (faith). Amin. May we should get to know him, may we get closer to him. Dear Hasan, do you know how we can get closer to the almighty God (Allah)? +We say that there is one and only God, Allah, right? -Yes. On the one hand some people say that God (Allah) has a mind, on the other hand other people say that this isn’t true. So they’re speaking from two diffrent God’s. There are two different attributes of Allah -Right. +Therefore, if we are beliving in the one and only God, Allah, then we have to know him as he described himself in the holy Koran. We have a lack of knowlage about Allah just bc of our lazyness. Do we belive in the same Allah, as He described Himself in the Koran? For that reason we have to prove our knowlage to get to know Allah. If you know Him, you’ll love Him. If you know Him, then you’ll do your prayers without any excuses. For example if you love a girl, then you’ll buy her flowers. Probably you have to work for about one week to afford that flowers. That’s a kind of sacrification, isn’t it? Also doing your prayers just for Allah is also a sacrification. Or fasting too, not eating from the morning till the sunset just for Allah is also a sacrification. But why can’t we do this sacrification? Just bc didn’t get to know Him bc we don’t love Him. We don’t get to know him, therefore we don’t love Him. Okay you say that you love Him, but are you doing your prayers? -I’m going to pray every friday. +Are you just showing your love from friday to friday? No, I’m going to Eid and on fridays… He (God) commanded us to pray 5 times a day for example. -But brother I don’t have that free time to do it. I get up early in the morning on 5 am. +Do you know what this means? That is also not knowing much about Allah. Why? +Couldn’t Allah know before commanding you to pray 5 times a day, that you supposedly will not have that much time? – He knew it. +He also knew this, right? -Yes. He knew that you will have free time to pray, but you misunderstand God. You think that you can say “Okay I didn’t have any time” and lie to God. You do have the time to pray my brother. God is the one who gave you the time. He wants that you spend just one hour for Him. You can spend another time for your daily work. Yes brother you’re saying the truth. I swear after this interview I’ll do my prayer. If you know Allah with His attributes you’ll love him automaticly. For example before you love a woman you have to get to know her before you can love her. What kind of person is she, what does she like, etc… The same about Allah, the more you get to know about Him, the more you’ll love Him (God). If you love Him, you want to thank Him for all what He (God) gives you. Bc all what you can see here gives you Allah. If you get this in your mind, you automaticly will thank Him. Even that you can breath. I thank you that you join to this Interview and pray that you get to know about God. Thanks. I hope that you also level up with your dealing. Sorry I mean with your role as a dealer. -Brother I just played as a dealer. + Okay my brother.

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