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what is the important one for you the Quran or your ideas or are you using Quran for improve to your ideas if you are making this that way is very dark way dude if the Quran is the important one we cannot choose the verses like “this verse is very important but the others isn’t like this”hasha we cant think like this especially when we are talking about the other muslims sentences of what we use are very efficient on our life and we can suppose like “ooh if this guy saying this it needs to be truth” or “ahh i saw this guy on the social media all these guys are harmful” or”look it that after three years they will show us their harmful face” we can use on a deformation we need to leave from the stories and we need to trust Quran so we need to say”my ideas are unimportant against Quran’s main diciplines” Allah say’s in the Quran If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done. infact all the chapters in the Quran are guides to us so we need to be more respective to Quran and we needn’t to search Quran to be harmful on muslims we need to look all the chapters as united and we need to open our hearts all of the verses unfortunately we’ve got another problem ofcourse it’s not on all the muslim groups maybe its making from 3-5 persons that type of person’s tell all the time who enter to islamic way new”the only right way is ours this type of groups got habits they always tell from the other group like”ohh they’re harmful they’re wrong” but they doesn’t tell about their pretty sides if u look their good sides may u cant find a their good sides but they need to improve themselves somehow they need to say “we are here” so they’re prefer to tell about themselves as good they’re making this with deformation about the other islamic group if a person using Quran for making himself good and if he uses Qor’an for deformation about the other people u must stop at there dude Allah says in the Quran”And hold fast, all together, by the Rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favor on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you that ye may be guided” if we really be faithful we convert to be unity so why we’re splitting because we’re dont understand the Quran there’re a lot of islamic group and if its inside borders of ehl-i sünnet(hz.Mohammed’s way)it means we’ve got a lot of good kind of think how the military is united but it splits on ground,air and marine forces this is reason of another ways of islam well its like if a group tells to young guys it doesnt works on old people how a group works in first city and it doesn’t works on at the second city’s citizienship well infact all of this another islamic gruops has got another good taste’s if they’re in the ehl-i sunnah especially teenagers can be effected of this movements and when he tried second after first may he can think wrongful about the first one from the wrong management and he ask by himself “first one has got mistakes but the second is correct” but when he passed to the third one then he’ll be think all of this for the both of two if he pass to the 4’th movement of islam he will thinks all of three so we need to understand it struggle of islam won’t continue from one way and islam won’t be the only groups struggle we’re saying only one ways time century of happiness only at that time we had one source and he was Mohammed(pbuh) well that time we had a one way well how they’re a big persons for islam even if we tell the Abubekir the loyal if we talk about Omar the fair if we talk about the Ali the wise nobody can be prophet Mohammed(pbuh) cause the one way time was his time at his time islam was just one thing and all people got one nationality if people live a disagreement in themselves they always went to him all the problems solved from him and this was very possible but now we’ve got as muslims there are very different islamic groups and all these are in borders of ehl-i sunnah and if these groups live a disagreement nobody can solve problems like Mohammed(pbuh) yes we’ve got same Qor’an and sunnah but we’ve got another ideas on commentary of the Quran but do you know there’s a big wisdom on this commentaries and this unbeleivable wisdom as well as this wisdom is a kind of exam Allah says in the Quran “He it is Who has sent down to this the Book: In it are verses basic or fundamental (of established, clear meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: others are not entirely clear. But those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part there of that is not clear, seeking discord, and searching for hidden meanings in it, but no one knows its interpretation except Allah And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord:” and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding.” unfortunately some people still look to this subject like fanaticism of football unfortunately they says”the only right movement is mine and the others is wrong,they’ll go to the hell and you need to stay away from them” when you’ll be a ripe person you’ll be understand islamic struggles won’t be goods of only one group about this splitting and about brotherhood we’ve got excellent two verse one of them is “they became divided only after Knowledge reached them it came from just between in their enmity and their ambition” it means just a thin can be split peoples after knowledge its just ambition well knowledge can be innocent till they are racing against themselves but after that jealously the main subject is goes to very different point the real knowledge need to be like in this verse “Say: “Whether ye believe in it or not, it is true that those who were given knowledge beforehand, when it is recited to them, fall down on their faces in humble prostration” it means the real knowledge is makes people modest it doesn’t turns to an argue if you havent got the real knowledge knowledge doesn’t like usable from you it doens’t make you cry and it doesn’t make you sadder for another peoples faithless if you havent got the real knowledge you are just a chatty you’re not another thing it means you know a lot of islamic great persons a lot of commentary of Quran but it doesn’t changes you’re cruel this is indepent thing from academic information heart shakes and you cannot stop yourself and you find yourself at prostrarion well guys we’re talking on this subject a lot of times for example some people be effected on when a person read Qor’an from his mind or risale-i nur or another commentaries of Qor’an like İbn-i kesir’s commentary or hadith’s that group of people thinks like”ooh look at this guy he’s got knowledge” or “ohh this guy has got verses on his memorization and whatever he say it needs to be truth” but they’re making mistake when they’re think like that but as we know there’re a lot of faithless people can read Qor’an perfectly well its not our main criteria well if a person can talk wery well its about his abilities is it true if a person saying verses from his memorization its about his mind well this abilities doesn’t makes people the wise one it means some people doesn’t talk like wise but they’ll enter to heaven but some chatty’s always talk’s like wise but they’ll go to hell like faithless because they aren’t act with their islamic knowledge well it’s possible do you understand like “look it that guy he’s translating Arabic verse to Turkish” these are very well abilities but if that guy is faithful or if that guy smothering with his lore that knowledge is very harmful for muslims i repeat today as we know lot of faithless people can read Qor’an very well they can prey as well as you and me we should think from this side we’re making mistakes century after century from we aren’t think like this Bediüzzaman Said Nursi Says at the commentaries of Quran “you can say the best way is my way,but you cannot say the only right way is my way well it means for example Mr.ulusoy who is the best mom in the world?” Mrs.Hatice(Mohammed’s(pbuh)wife) ahh you’re using joker dude 😀 you need to say from other moms who is the best mom for you Suna Ulusoy she’s your mom well is she the only good mom in the world? nope Yunus has got another good mom 😀 well we cant like that hah? for example if you ask me i have got the best mom in the world but it doesn’t means the other are bad well we need to look islamic ways like that if you ask me the best way is Hayalhanem’s way to me but the only no i can’t talk like that well people could love his job and his islmaic way so he can stand at there may he can give his life to there so then we can say the best way is my way but you can’t say the only good way is my way and even if you love there it doesn’t means the other ways are bad you must to understand this bro so at this point we need to follow the truth wo needn’t to be a fan of a group for example Yunus there’s a İslamic building at Mersin and another one at İstanbul or another where maybe it’s at Urfa it doesn’t matter for example there’s an agreement Mersin’s İslamic guys and Urfa’s but very big problem OK there’s very harmful guys u understand and think about it Urfa’s people will be a fan of Urfa’s guys and Mersin’s people for Mersin OK it means nobody didn’t understand anything about islam we’re not fans of football distances are unimportant for us or loving another guy tis is unimportant too we need to go to the truth but all the peoples statut’s are different why? because its about money for example Mersin is right OK there’s a lot of harmful thing maden in Urfa OK harmful for ummah but there’s guys line up with Urfa why do you know? because Urfas guy say to himself “i was talking with those guys or i was made my trade with those guys too”so he afraid for that and that guy left Allah’s consent for these but at the truth Allah’s consent is the most important thing you musnt left that for anything it’s like just beeing fenerbahçe’s or galatasaray’s fan well is it important for that guy memorization of Quran it won’t save him it means people must to go where is the thruth distance isn’t important for thruth if its important 100.000 companions doesn’t went another faithless lands it means the truth what’s the orders of Quran when a people got mistakes you must to say to your friend from 30 years “dude u have got mistakes to Quran” do you know Omar the fair was like that so people said for him “Beeing friend with Omar but when a person want a friend that person goes direct to him” because your friend must to talk direct about for your hereafter for example I describe myself a ex naugthy boy because i lived my life at clubs and i beleive if I’m working for Islam this came from from our brotherhood and I’m happy with that Alhamdulillah and i can’t explain all subjects of islam I’m not enough but i want to be help my brothers.I’m a men like that now you need to beleive me when ı see another Islamic groups at another subjects or islamic ways and I’m very proud with that well I be happy unbeleivable and I tell to myself Alhamdulillah there’re a group a that way we’re working on social media or another strange guys at university we’re working on these areas but when i see another islamic groups at another areas I be happy with that well if you collect all of the colours you can be product the rainbow do you understand well I’m looking all of these groups like organs of body for example think about it my foot is hurt and it’s bleedin but my hand laughing from there infact if foot bleed after that hand will hurt from bloodless we must to look like that OK we’re on the same ship well if a guy death at Kenya it won’t mekes me happy it’s foolishness we need to be sad we’re a body if there bleed it means all the body bleeds well I dont understand how muslim’s doesn’t think like that well I always tell this storie I was preying at mall’s mosque a guy came to my side and he said”ohh Mehmet bro I saw you at internet” and I said “come to our center maybe we can drink tea uh” but he said no because “I have contact with another Islamic group” look at that status it’s completely different thing can you beleive that we can’t drink tea as muslims if a atheist guy become a muslim we’re hugging with them but we can’t doing this as muslim how muslims can do that it’s not obeying rules of Quran Allah says in the Quran “The Believers are but a single Brotherhood” we’re nothing outside of brothers what are you doing with your main bro you need to make that with muslims you need to hug you need to love him need to prey for him or you need to drink his soup his tea… if you don’t do that devil are entering between us some of the harmful guys be removed from their group it means their cruelty return back to them well they makes a cruelty to muslim after that some of wises understands this status and removing them for this harmfulness after that when they’re stay alone they always lies classic you know it’s like “uh my story’s like Joseph(pbuh) i fallen to a pit” but it doesn’t means all of these liars are rightful for example in our village snakes live at the pits if you look to that just Joseph(pbuh)rise from pit but all the snakes live at there and also you’ll fall to the pit but you won’t be rightful how it can be i dont know

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